Do prisoner patients get medical treatment in the military?

Prisoner patients fall into 3 categories of eligible beneficiaries:

  • Enemy prisoners of war
  • Non-military federal prisoners
  • Military prisoners

What are enemy prisoners of war?

These are prisoners who are detained during certain altercations in battle and in war. This personnel is entitled to all necessary care depending on the availability of care and facilities.

What are non-military federal imprisoners?

When dealing with non-military federal prisoners special Care is only authorized during emergency situations. Depending on the institution at which the prisoner is sentenced, the facility must provide the security personnel to ensure that the prisoner is secured and other people in the facility are safe.

Once the treatment is completed, arrangements will be made to move these non-military federal prisoners to a non-military treatment facility or to be returned to the institution in which they were sentenced.

What are military prisoners?

There’s something called the Status of Forces policy and this policy is there to protect the rights of the military personnel who might be subject to a criminal trial by foreign courts and imprisonment in foreign prisons.

If in the case of being guilty, the active duty member is separated from the service until they have completed their term of punishment and returned to the United States.

During this imprisonment, they will be provided with standard healthcare benefits.

Any military prisoners who are sentenced under the Uniform Code of Military Justice who are still within the sentence being executed are still authorized medical care.

That personnel who is on appellate leave which are the people who are awaiting discharge are entitled to medical care as well.

It is the military prisoners with punitive discharges that have been executed and require hospitalization beyond the expiration of their sentences are not eligible for care. However, they can be hospitalized as civilian non-military people.

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