Health and dental records during a permanent change of station (PCS)

When it is time for active duty to PCS away from a command, the medical and dental facilities have the responsibility to release the records and make sure a number of the following steps are completed.

  1. Verify medical and dental records.
  2. If there are no records available, they must make a new record according to the appropriate methods detailed in MANMED. If reconstruction of dental records is necessary, the dentist needs to perform a T-2 dental exam.
  3. Make sure the active duty is processed for transfer.
  4. Fill out and complete the record charge-out card.
  5. Give the active duty member his or her records to hand carry. The command also has the option to forward the medical and dental records via certified mail along with a DD Form 877 which is a Request for Medical/Dental Records Information or place medical and dental records in the custody of another authorized personnel.

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