Hospital Corpsmen in Afghanistan against the Taliban

The US had traced the 9/11 attack to Al Quida, a group of Sunni Islamist terrorist groups. Their leader was Osama bin Laden. The Al Quida was closely linked to another group known as the Taliban. The Taliban was a religious and political group.

Where did the Al Quida reside?

This group resided in the mountains of Afghanistan after seizing it from the Soviets in 1989.

The US demands to surrender Osama bin Laden were unsuccessful. In fact, the Taliban began to the harbor and protect the terrorists.

The US joined forces with Afghanistan’s Northern Alliance and the local Afghan resistance several weeks after.

Operations deployed in Afghanistan were rather difficult. The terrain and the harsh landscape hindered a few campaigns. Attacks were decidedly from air bombardments of the areas.

The hunt for the Taliban on the ground

On November 22, a team of Marines and Hospital Corpsmen had landed in Afghanistan with a mission set to hunting down the Taliban directly.

The enemy had the advantage. The environment was theirs. There were so many hiding places. Every cave and every grove was a potential place to hide and attack. Lack of proper terrain made it difficult to appoint a safe evacuation center.

American soldiers including Hospital Corpsmen were responsible for each other. Anyone injured was maintained by Corpsmen for possibly days until help arrived.

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