How does a Hospital Corpsman qualify as a warfare specialist?

A warfare qualification shows that sailors are competent in their rate and have the knowledge base to improve their understanding of:

  • War fighting
  • Mission effectiveness
  • Command survivability

What assignments can HMs qualify as?

HMs assigned to a ship can qualify as:

  • Enlisted surface warfare specialists (SW)
  • Enlisted expeditionary warfare specialists (EXW)
  • Enlisted air warfare specialists (AW)

HMs can also be assigned with Fleet Marine Force (FMF) as:

  • Fleet marine force warfare specialist (FMF)

HMs can be assigned with the Submarine Force as:

  • Enlisted submarine warfare specialist (SS)

HMs can be assigned with NMCB as:

  • Enlisted Seabee combat warfare specialists (SCW)

How do you begin applying to qualify for warfare qualification assignment?

If you want more information about becoming warfare qualified personnel, you can contact the Command Master Chief or coordinator for Personnel Qualification Standards (PQS) to begin the process.

Try to apply early so you can qualify sooner so that all the best specialties aren’t taken.

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