How important were the Hospital Corpsman in World War I

In 1916, America was on the verge of entering World War I.

Structural changes were happening within the ranks of the Hospital Corps. Revisions were being made that arguably reflects our modern-day rank system.

  • Hospital Apprentice
  • Hospital Second Class
  • Hospital First Class
  • Pharmacist Mate Third
  • Pharmacist Mate Second
  • Pharmacist Mate First
  • Chief Pharmacist Mate

All these ranks would be wearing a red cross on their sleeve.

What did the Hospital Corps gain and lose during World War I

During World War I, the Hospital Corps got the attention of the armed services when they were grouped with the Marine Corps.

How many Hospital Corpsmen lost their lives in World War I?

It has been recorded that a total of 17 Hospital Corpsmen were killed during World War I.

  • 15 died in action
  • 2 died from severe wounds
  • 146 were injured or gassed

How many Hospital Corpsmen were recognized for their help in World War I?

Approximately 460 awards were given to Corpsman for their work which included but not limited to:

  • 2 Medal of Honors
  • 55 Navy Crosses
  • 31 Distinguished Service Medals
  • 2 US Army Distinguished Service Medals
  • 27 Letters of Commendation

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