How the Hospital Corps handles reporting events and occurrences

The Senior Medical Department Representative (SMDR) is to report all important occurrences to the Officer of the Day (OOD) to the duty log. The SMDR can be either the senior medical or dental officer or the Independent Duty Corpsman (IDC).

A few examples of important occurrences include things like severe injuries, dangerous conditions, damage, or loss of equipment.

Anyone who is seriously hurt is also reported to the Commanding Officer (CO) as well.

Memorandum for the record

A memorandum provides a less formal way to correspond within an activity or command. Members may use memorandums to communicate informally or by official business routines.

This is prepared in accordance with (IAW) the SECNAVINST 5216.5 series, Department of the Navy Correspondence Manual. Records should be made for any historical events including any legal issues. It can also be created for any injury or death, patients who refuse treatment or are non-compliant. If, for example, safety issues were a concern and safety protocols were not followed, this could be a reason to record.

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