How the Navy provided medical and dental support to the Marines

Apparently, there was a really complex relationship between the Navy and Fleet Marine Force (FMF). The FMF is a group of air and ground troops trained for offensive deployment.

What did the FMF consist of?

  • Marine Headquarters
  • Marine Logistics Group (MLG)
  • Marine divisions
  • Marine brigades
  • Marine aircraft wings

What was the Battalion Aid Station?

The Battalion Aid Station (BAS) provides support to corpsmen for advanced trauma life support under fire. This station is focused on mobility and deployment. The BAS normally has 2 medical officers and up to 65 HMs.

A dental detachment would also be assigned to BAS at levels 1, 2, and 3. Dental in this case would be focused on emergency care.

BAS brings together both medical and dental members to provide this interrelated network of health care.

What’s the structure of the Fleet Marine Force?

Generally, FMF is divided into 2 groups:

  • Combat
  • Support

All units of the FMF had a medical department assigned to them.

The majority of medical support came from the MLG. MLG’s are a composite group of functional units providing combat support beyond the elements of the FMF.

What was the mission of the medical battalion?

  • Casualty collection
  • Emergency treatment
  • Temporary hospitalization
  • Specialized surgery
  • Evacuation

Medical battalions must also come up with measures to plan, supervise, coordinate and prevent diseases.

What was the mission of the FMF dental organization?

FMF dental must ensure the combat effectiveness of the FMF by providing dental care and dental readiness.

Emergency dental care is also expected. Dental personnel were to provide

  • Postoperative
  • Ward
  • Central sterilization
  • Supply room support
  • Other medical support

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