How to the Navy handles the Report of discrepancy (ROD)

It is the shipper’s responsibility to report shipment type (issue) inconsistencies and packing differences using the Report of Dispute (ROD), SF 364 (Figure 5-9). When a shipment type (item or packing) difference is discovered, a claim is made with the DoD Supply System. One objective of the report is to give an exchange or monetary compensation to the client, while the other is to alert shippers to a physical distribution issue. Disparities are frequently identified throughout the receiving process, therefore see NAVMED for further details.

P-5132 and adhere to the rules in your area

The following are examples of shipping-related discrepancies

  • Excess or shortage in quantity; if the quantity is short, look for a suffix code after the document number that identifies this as .partial shipment rather than a shortag
  • Damage that occurred before shipping was made Items were removed and delivered that were the wrong kind; please double-check to make sure they aren’t substitutes.
  • A mistake has been made and the incorrect item has been sent.
  • The item cannot be located due to insufficient paperwork, etc.

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