Maintainance and Security of Record Custody in the Military

Where are records maintained and handled in the military?

Records shall be preserved in a ship, submarine, or aircraft squadron custody of the medical officer or dentist assigned to the membership. The health record may be placed in possession of the SMDR at CO’s discretion for those platforms which lack a medical/dental officer. The Independent Civil Service Corpsman or Squadron Corpsman are examples of SMDRs. If people from medical departments are not appointed, the CO might appoint local medical and dental representatives, who normally supply medical and dental assistance, to the custody of the medical records. An individual’s custody of the record is never allowed.

Records can be inspected at any time

Registers may at any time be inspected by the CO, command chain superiors, the medical officer in the fleet, or by other approved inspectors. Official use records are only necessary and proper security and custody.

How should records be kept and how secure should they be?

There are several ways in which data are safeguarded and controlled appropriately. The recordings will generally be saved in such a way that the crew or the public are unavailable. No pages should be left unattended for records or records. This precaution helps to avoid documents being lost or misplaced and ensures that a command conforms with federal and military requirements.

For each health, ambulance, and dental record of your customs in custody. Medical Department staff will keep a NAVMED 6150/7, health records, file charge-out, and disposition record. Until the record is returned, the completed form must be kept in the file. Medical, dental, or SMDRs are responsible for ensuring that the necessary medical records remain in their care.

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