Material Receipt, Custody, and Stowage in the Navy

All supplies must be inspected and distributed to the relevant department or storage once identification, verification, and documentation of receipt, custody, and stowage are accomplished.

What is a material receipt?

Responsibility for receipts becomes even more important when receiving government-owned goods because of the variety of receipts and the need for accountability.

What receipt documentation do you need?

Receipt sheets come in a variety of styles.
The DoD Single Line Item Release/Receipt Document, DD Form 1348, is the most often encountered receipt (Fig. 5-4). Regardless of the receipt document format, the end-use recipient must:

  • Date the receipt document upon receipt
  • Circle the amount accepted
  • Sign the receipt document to show receipt

How to receive procedures?

When receiving little amounts of goods on a regular basis, there is no need to make any particular arrangements for receiving them. Supplies should be stored in a central location out of the way until preliminary identification and package counting are complete. After that, classify goods according to where they will be used (a department or storage).

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