Navy Dental Records: Details in Filling Them Out

There are specific placeholders and paperwork that are specifically meant to be in certain places in the record jacket.

The front of the jacket center page of dental records

There will be forms that are required to be filled in the front of the dental record jacket center page that is covered in the following below:

NAVMED 6600/3 and the Dental health Questionnaire (HQR)

Dental officers, civilian dentists, and axillary personnel providing direct patient care will make sure that each patient has a completed and current dental health questionnaire (HQR). These questionnaires will be required for dental treatment records before performing any exams or providing treatment. This NAVMED 6600/3 must be filled out and signed by each patient. This form will be reviewed, dated, and signed by the first dentist who is examining and treating the patient.

Patients as minors and their legal guardian

If the patient happens to be a minor or someone under the age of consent or majority in the applicable jurisdiction, the parent or guardian is going to be the person who must fill out and sign the form in the patient’s signature block. The guardian or parent will be using his or her name instead of the child’s name.

Dental Treatment is indicated on EZ603A

Each dental care provider has to indicate in the dental treatment section of the form EZ603A that the questionnaire has been looked over and updated by the patient. The dentist must also take note of the form EZ603A in the “O” block sections marked “HQ dated,” “Reviewed,” and “HQR Finding.”

Patient’s duty in updating the questionnaire

During these annual exams, the patient only needs to look over, date, and sign the questionnaire as long as nothing’s changed. But if there’s been some health issues or changes, a new questionnaire must be filled out, dated, and signed.

Other medical conditions must be referenced to SF 513 Consultation sheet

All dental questionnaires are permanently maintained by the Dental Treatment Record. If there are any conditions that require medical clarification, you can use SF 513: The consultation sheet. Note that there’s a consultation sheet to reference on the EZ603 Dental exam form and the summary of pertinent findings section in NAVMED 6600/3.

For more information, check out BUMED Instruction 6600.12 series.

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