Navy Medicine Readiness Training Command Pharmacy – Corpus Christi, TX

What is the name of the clinic?

Navy Medicine Readiness Training Command Pharmacy – Corpus Christi, TX

Naval Health Clinic Corpus Christi Pharmacy

Who does the clinic serve?

Medical treatment and check-up is available for both active duty and retirees

Active duty, retirees, and their dependents are also allowed to use the pharmacy.

How do I reach the pharmacy?

To speak to a staff member in the pharmacy, dial:


To refill a prescription using the automated line, dial:


What’s the pharmacy’s address?

Navy Medicine Readiness Training Command Pharmacy – Corpus Christi
10651 E. Street
Bldg. H100
Corpus Christi, TX 78419

How do you get to the pharmacy?

From the south gate entrance, stay on Lexington Blvd and continue on that road until you reach Rd N. Make a right on Rd N until you reach Rd Q where you will make a left. The entrance to the clinic will be on your left.

Can a doctor phone in a prescription?

No, the pharmacy only accepts written prescriptions (handwritten or typed). Please utilize our e-prescription services

How does my doctor send an electronic prescription to the pharmacy?

The prescriber’s clinic will have to search for the pharmacy using this phone number:

The prescriber will also need to verify the pharmacy’s name:
DoD Corpus Christi ePHCY

The pharmacy’s NCPDP/NPI number is:

Keep in mind that this clinic’s electronic prescribing system currently does not support control medications like C2-5’s. If your provider is prescribing a controlled substance, you will need to bring in a handwritten original prescription

What should the patient do after the doctor has e-prescribed a prescription for the patient?

The patient must call the pharmacy so that the pharmacy can verify and begin the process of filling the prescription.

Call the pharmacy and tell the staff that you would like to “activate” a prescription that was sent by your prescriber.

I’m a new patient and I’ve never used this pharmacy before

Before the pharmacy can fill your prescription, please go to medical records or call:


Tell medical records that you are a new patient and that you would like to start using the pharmacy.

What do I need to bring with me in order to pick up my medications?

Normally, there’s only one thing you need to bring with you when you need to pick up your medications. Your valid unexpired military issued ID. If you are picking up for another person, you will need that person’s ID.

How can I find out what medications this pharmacy carries?

  1. Visit the Tricare website here.
  2. Enter the drug name, age, and sex.
  3. Click search.
  4. Click on any “coverage rules apply.”
  5. Print out “Prior Authorization form.”
  6. Bring this form to your doctor to fill out and sign.
  7. Bring this form back to this pharmacy.

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