Security and Safekeeping of Medical Records

What is the Privacy Act of 1974 for the Military

Every treatment center establishes rules to maintain safe records and preserve the privacy of the patient. Safety and security are important issues and duties of medical records handling employees. The health record includes personal information, considered confidential and protected under the 1974 Privacy Act. 

According to the Privacy Act, who is allowed access to someone’s medical records?

Only patients and their lawyers are entitled to this information under the Privacy Act. The HIPAA Privacy Rule provides more protection. Given that this is a federal statute, the violation, the use of infringed information, and the number of infringements are all subject to penalties, or jail penalties.

How your navy medical records are kept safe

Treatment institutions take efforts to avoid compromise in the transport and storage of medical records with medical information and dentistry. That includes communications on the medical records where PHI is part of the substance of the message. Only authorized medical staff will handle medical records. Registrations must be kept in a closed area, room, or file to guarantee safety unless the record room has a 24-hour watch. For comprehensive advice, see MANNED Chapter 16.

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