The History of Medical and Dental Logistics

Where and when did the Naval Medical Supply Depot originate?

The Naval Medical Supply Depot was created in Brooklyn, New York, in 1850. Congress approved the “production of medical materials for the Medical Department of the Navy” by a separate industrial laboratory in 1853.

The Office of Supplies and Accounts managed by the DOD

In 1952, Brooklyn was changed from the Naval Medical Supply Depot to the Office of Supplies and Accounts. The medical department of the Navy was not involved in the central production, storing, or distribution of medical supplies for the first time in 100 years. The Department of Defense would centrally manage all supplies of other goods (DoD).

The DoD consolidated supply system supported the marine and marine medicine teams effectively. Medical logisticians have continually looked for more efficient methods to obtain, save and supply medical/dental equipment due to budget limits and personnel restrictions. The local Department for Medical Logistics continues to support facilities fully, using all aspects of defense logistics agency DLA (Defence Logistic Agency), Naval Supply Systems Command (NA VSUP) (NAVMEDLOGCOM).

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