The Vietnam conflict that devastated the Navy

Where did Hospital Corpsmen serve in the Vietnam War?

It was 1963. Hospital Corpsmen were sent to serve in Southeast Asia.

There were so many places that Corpsmen were stationed.

They served in:

  • Marine Corps
  • Navy air and ground forces
  • Naval support hospitals
  • Hospital ships
  • Riverine Warfare (Brown Water Navy)
  • Navy ships off the Gun Line of South Vietnam
  • Navy ships Yankee Station of North Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • Thailand

Their duties included:

  • Emergency treatment
  • Medical teams to care for Vietnamese civilians
  • Medical advisors to Vietnamese military units

How many Hospital Corpsmen did we lose during the Vietnam War?

Throughout all the hard work and help they’ve made, they suffered a crushing 620 losses and 3,353 wounded.

The Navy after the Vietnam War

During this time Saigon had fallen. However, Hospital Corpsmen continued on their mission to serve.

Sometime in 1983, a suicide bomber explodes into a US Marine Barrack killing 241 military personnel including 15 Hospital Corpsmen.

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