Understanding immunization entries in Navy Medicine

Who is the medical officer in charge of immunization and all its forms?

The name of the medical officer is the Senior Medical Department Representative (SMDR). this person is in charge of administering the immunization, test, or determining the nature of the reaction that should be entered into the DD Form 2766.

Are signatures required on immunization forms?

The interesting thing about this entry is that signatures are not required.

What specific information about the vaccines should be recorded?

The SMDR is responsible for completing the entries in the appropriate sections of the DD Form 2766. It is also equally important to make sure that the immunizations given are specifically recorded as well using the manufacturer’s name, and batch number or lot number.

How should you deal with anthrax immunization protocol?

Specifically, there is noted that the anthrax immunization protocol that is outlined in the SECNAVINST 6230.4 series, Department of the Navy (DoN) Anthrax Vaccination Implementation Program (AVIP).

How should you record an actual allergic reaction in the forms?

If there happens to be an allergic or hypersensitivity to the drugs or chemicals used make sure to write out in capital letters, “HYPERSENSITIVITY TO <DRUG>” followed by a comma and repeat the writing for other drugs. Make sure to write this under the “Remarks and recommendations” page.

The provider will also need to include the same information in the EZ603 or EZ603A, a current treatment form, the SF 600 Hypersensitivity form, and the NAVMED 6150/20 form.

Where should dental record allergic reactions?

For DREC, annotations of the sensitivity should be on the front of the record in a free space located within the barcode area label. In addition to that, make sure to document this in Box three of the current dental teeth assessment form and the NAVMED 6600/3 form under allergies.

What happens if someone is positive for TB?

If a positive result (10mm or more induration) for a tuberculin skin test (TST) is found, refer to BUMEDINST 6224.8 series Tuberculosis Control Program.

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