What are the 9 DEERS eligibility overrides?

There are 9 DEERS eligibility overrides. These overrides must be supported by a valid ID.

  1. The patient has an original or a copy of a DD 1172. The DD 1172 is used for DEERS enrollment. This doesn’t negate the need for the other standard checks that are required for verification.
  2. Overrides can also occur when other family members are recently becoming eligible for benefits like babies, recent adoptions, new mothers, and dependent parents.
  3. If the patient has a new valid ID card that was issued within the last 120 days, they will receive care and will not be denied.
  4. Patients can still receive care after an ID has expired as long as that patient has a new ID card issued within the previous 120 days. After 120 days, the patient is expected to follow the procedure in item 1 with a DD 1172.
  5. If the sponsor is becoming active duty for more than 30 days, they may be accepted for care and treatment for the first 120 days of the active duty period. After that, they are expected to follow the procedure in item 1 with a DD 1172.
  6. Newborns will get care for the first 60 days. Afterward on the 61st day, the newborn will convert to Tricare Standard if not enrolled in Prime. In order to be in Prime, newborns must be on the sponsor’s page 2 and enrolled in DEERS. Newborns of Dependent Daughters must be approved for Secretary of the Navy Designee or they are not eligible for care
  7. Emergency care may be another override that will be determined by the command.
  8. The sponsor’s duty station is outside of the states or has an APO/FPO address. Family members of this sponsor will continue to get care as long as the sponsor is enrolled and eligible in DEERS.
  9.  If a deceased sponsor is not enrolled in DEERS or the survivor is listed as the sponsor, the survivor will be treated on the first visit and then referred to personnel support detachment (PSD) for correction of the DEERS database. And for future visits, the survivor will follow procedures in item 1 with a DD 1172. While deceased, the sponsor remains the sponsor in order to claim eligibility for family members.

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