What are the Naval Mobile Construction Battalions?

What are the construction battalions?

The Navy organizes the Construction Battalions (CBs) during the first days of WWII. The personnel who were responsible for this were unofficially called “Seabees.”

These Seabees work all over the world designing and building airfields, structures, and camps to support the Navy and Marine Corps missions. Seabees are also provided with medical and dental care by HMs assigned to these CBs.

How are construction battalions structured and organized?

Medical and dental personnel are assigned to the Naval Mobile Construction Battalions (NMCBs). These healthcare members are provided at the battalion level by medical and dental personnel assigned to NMCBs.

What is the mission of construction battalions?

The mission of the NMCB is to make sure Seabees are combat-ready with the needs of medical and dental support. If there were a disaster situation, NMCB dental would work together with medical services under the direction of the cognizant authority, or a person with dominant authority.

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