What are the requirements for record verification in the military?

How often are health records verified in the Miliary?

Records are verified annually.

When are health records reviewed in the Military?

Health records are reviewed when active duty members report to and detach from their commands as well as when they have any physical exams.

These records are reviewed to check for accuracies and errors.

What are some important key points to look for when reviewing and verifying a health record?

A few of the things reviewers will be looking for are:

  • Form placement
  • Order of forms in chronological order
  • Completeness and accuracy of patient ID on the record jacket and medical documentations
  • Privacy Act statement signed
  • DD 2766 is up to date
  • Operational and occupational requirements are up to date
  • Immunization is current
  • Allergy documentation is accurate

Once this annual record verification is completed, the HM will write an entry in the SF 600 for medical records purposes. The HM will also have to black-out the year block on the front leaf of the jacket with a black pen.

This method helps maintain a better view of what’s been done and what’s not been done throughout the year.

Annual verification is on the right-hand side of the front cover of the jacket as a series of blocks numbered with a range of years printed on it. So if the year is blackened out, it will signal that year as verified.

How does dental handle and verify health record documentation?

For dental records, the document verification is on a form called EZ603A.

These are verified at the time of the exam and there is no need to blacken the verified year.

A pencil should be used for the information on the inside of the jacket’s front cover. This record will be entered at the time of record check-in (receipt).

The penciling will allow us to erase previous, outdated entries while keeping current.

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