What is the Navy’s Integrated Logistics Support?

What does the Navy logistics include?

For the Navy, logistics includes everything from asset purchase and accounting through ongoing maintenance and disposal.

The Comptroller of the Navy’s orders, principles, and policies are used by NAVMEDLOGCOM to ensure appropriate fiscal administration, with each Commanding Officer bearing final accountability.

When working at a hospital, it’s important for a Hospital Corpsman to know the supply chain laws.
The operational readiness of the medical and dental departments to treat patients would be jeopardized if they did not have sufficient medical and dental supplies and equipment on hand. The medical and dental departments run well thanks to meticulous planning, accurate inventory control, and regular maintenance.
In this chapter, we’ll go over how to properly estimate supply demands and operational money, as well as how to procure and account for them. The final component will deal with equipment technology and management, as well as supply blocks in case of emergencies.

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