Hospital Corpsmen sept 11 attack
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Hospital ships were ready to respond on 9/11

What were the 2 most popular ships used during 9/11? 

When the towers fell on 9/11, Hospital Corpsmen were assigned to the national capital region. They boarded onto the USNS Comfort and arrived on the 14th of September They were there to provide the assistant needed to help thousands of rescue workers in search of survivors.

Even during the fighting in Iraq, it was the USNS Comfort that was there to help treat over 650 casualties.

During this time the two most popular Hospital ships were the Mercy and Comfort. However, there were several other operations going on with other fleets all over the world as well. Almost every major sea vehicle was equipped with medical tools and even functional operating rooms, ICU beds, surgical Wards, fully stocked pharmacies, and even dental clinics.

The “Global War on Terror” was rebranded as the “Overseas Contingency Operations”

In August 2009, the “Global War on Terror” in Afghanistan and Iraq was changed to the “Overseas Contingency Operations.” This didn’t change the duty of the hospital corpsman And serving and supporting ongoing operations.