Maintenance Work Orders and Property Surveys in the Navy

DMLSS work orders, such as the Medical/Dental Maintenance Work Order (NAVMED 6700/4 illustrated in Figures 5-10), are used to estimate workload and prioritize tasks in the medical field.
The NAVMED 6700/4’s upper section will be completed by BMETs receiving equipment that isn’t working correctly. A working piece of equipment may be assigned on a loan basis until the equipment repairs are finished, depending on the workload of BIOMED departmental staff and the availability of loaner equipment.

What does it mean to have excess equipment in the Navy

Excess equipment is a valuable resource since it may be used by other organizations.
Through redistribution of surplus equipment, the receiving location can affordably receive equipment for as little as the cost of packaging, crating, and handling (if any).

It is necessary to request excess equipment to be dispersed within the command to other departments via a memorandum of transfer. A change in custodian will be reflected in property records.

What is a property survey in the Navy?

The method used when materiel from the Navy or the Defense Logistics Agency is lost, damaged, or destroyed and needs to be performed quickly is known as a property survey (or investigation). To find out who is to blame and how much the US government has lost, a poll must be conducted. Survey methods need the use of the forms mentioned in the following paragraphs.

What happens if you encounter financial liability investigation of property loss

Lost, damaged, or destroyed equipment that has been proven to be lost, stolen, or destroyed has to be inspected for the government’s total loss. Every event shall be reported by the Chief of Staff. According to NAVMED P-5132, the Equipment Management Manual of the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery. Officials who are liable or responsible for discovering the problem should immediately begin a Report of Survey (DD Form 200). (Fig. 5-11).

DD Form 200 preparation instructions may be found in NAVSUP Manual, Supply Ashore, Volume III. The Commanding Officer will designate an officer who will have the authority to approve or disapprove Figure 5-10 Reports. Order for Medical/Dental Upkeep – NAVMED 6700/4 Conduct a survey if there is no indication of carelessness or misuse.

The person who is appointed as the Survey Officer may also be the one who conducts the survey. When abuse or neglect is alleged, an inquiry is carried out by a survey board. The survey board helps keep an eye out for missing or damaged equipment and speeds up the processing process.

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