SF 502: Adjunction health record forms and reports

Let’s talk about those forms other than the SF 600 for Chronological Record of Medical Care.

SF 502: Narrative summary

This form is used to summarize data that deals with the treatment that a patient received during their hospitalization. This summary must include all procedures and diagnoses. It must also sync to the information found on the Inpatient Admission/Disposition Report (NAVMED 6300/5).

What form can staff use if the admittance was only 48 hours? SF 502.

If the member happens to only be admitted for less than 48 hours in the hospital, they may use a substitute narrative summary called SF 539. This form will be filed in the HREC.

However, if a copy of the SF 502 and SF 539 is used and the patient is in the hospital because of dental procedures, then a copy of either of these forms will be placed in DRTEC.

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