The Authority Responsible for Releasing Medical Information

Who is responsible for the entire Health Care Treatment Record System?

The General Surgeon of the Navy is the authority responsible for the administration and supervision of the Health Care Treatment Record System, SECNAVINST 5211,5 series, PAP, Dept. In addition, a request for access and modification to treatment registers of a naval member is authorized by the Office of the Surgeon General.

Who is responsible for the local Health Care Treatment Record System?

Navy treatment facility COs are authorized for maintaining and servicing treatment records as local systems managers. When appropriate credentials have been obtained, local system managers may disclose information from records inside the command. It should be communicated to the requester’s office or individual that these data are private and must be treated in confidence.

What procedures must be taken when health information is disclosed upon request?

When the information is divulged, the registry will include the date, type, purpose, and name and address of the individual(s), the recipient(s), OPNAV Form 5211/9, Disclosure and Privacy Act of 1974. Keep copies of such demands for disclosure. In addition, any mandatory electronic databases should also have a record of information provided.

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