What is the Family Advocacy Program?

The purpose of the Family Advocacy Program is to find and keep an eye on spouse or child abuse/neglect. This pertains to physical, sexual, psychological abuse.

If you would like to learn more there is a guide SECNAVINST 1752.3 series, Family Advocacy Program, and BUMEDINST 6320.70 series.

What are Family Advocacy Representatives?

A staff member of a local treatment facility that manages the program is known as a Family Advocacy Representatives (FAR).

Who is usually involved in the Family Advocacy Program?

A base-wide committee usually includes medical, line, chaplain, and Family Service Center personnel. Their job is to review abuse cases and determine whether a case is either:

  • Established
  • Suspected
  • Unfounded

How are established abuse determined and dealt with?

Established cases are usually reported to the central registry at BUMED. The service statistics are developed and the future assignment of established abusers are monitored and controlled via this registry. And if abuse is actually suspected by the HM or FAR remember there is a legal obligation to report the suspected abuse to the chain of command or legal authorities.

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