How the military initiates and prepares the medical record jackets

A treatment record is called the NAVMED 6150/21-30, U.S. Navy Medical Outpatient and Dental Treatment Record.

This form will be prepared when a record is opened or when the existing jacket has been damaged. In replacing the old jacket with the new one, the old jacket will be destroyed.

What color ink should you use to record data on a treatment record?

It is important to understand that a felt tip or permanent black ink pen will be used to record all identifying data, except in the “Pencil Entries” block on the upper left of the outer front cover of these medical records.

When can you use a pencil on a treatment record?

The information in the “Pencil Entries” block should be written in pencil because it may require being updated or changed.

How is the record jacket selected to be organized?

Each health record jacket has the second to the last digit of the member’s social security number (SSN) printed on it. Notice how the pre-printed digit also matches the last digit of the form number.

Also, the color of the treatment record jacket corresponds to the pre-printed digit as well.

When preparing a treatment record jacket, you must select a pre-numbered NAVMED 6150/21-30 jacket by matching the second to last number of the member’s SSN.

How to fill out the social security number on the treatment record jacket

for the social security number, you will need to enter the rest of the member’s social security on the top of the inside back cover of the treatment record.

How to fill out the social security number for foreign military personnel

If in some cases the member is a form military personnel with no social security number, you must use NAVMED 6150/29 instead of 6150/21-30 as the treatment jacket. 

In this case, a “substitute” SSN will be created for these members by assigning the numbers 9999 as the last four digits and assigning the first five digits in a number sequence. For example, the first SSN for the first member would be 000-01-9999, and the second SSN would be 000-02-9999.

You would also need to place some black cellophane tape over the number that corresponds to the last digit of the SSN in each of the two number scales on the inside back cover of the HREC.

What are the family member prefixes available?

The family member prefix (FMP) can be entered into the 2 diamonds before you see the area for SSN.

For members of active duty including Navy and Marine Corps, you must enter 20. For members of foreign military personnel, the FMP code is 00.

Family MemberCode
Children01-19 (First child being 01, second as 02, etc)
Spouse30 (First spouse 30, second as 31, etc)
Mother, Stepmother40-44
Father, Stepfather45-49
Other Authorized Dependents60-69
Beneficiary Authorized by Statute90-95
Civilian Emergencies98
All Others99
Family member prefix

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