Key Areas Within Medical Logistics Departments

Purchasing and Contracting

Technical Review

To ensure that commodities can be obtained from a mandatory government source of supply or to aid in the identification of commercial sources of supply, this section examines all requests. Catalogs of vendors and information on the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) are kept in this section.


Commercial procurement activities take place in this division. Purchase requests are reviewed by the personnel, and the type and manner of procurement are decided.

Materiel Receipt, Storage, and Issue

Warehouse/Storeroom/Receipt Control

Incoming and outgoing supplies and equipment are physically received and controlled in this division for storage, direct turnover to customers, or shipping to remote sites. This division planned and directs the operations. Among its responsibilities are maintaining receipt records, creating government bills of lading, and processing invoices for payment, this division also generates receipt documents and prepares receipts.

Supply Inventory Management

Stock Control

This department is in charge of keeping track of all the materials stored in the warehouse or ordered specifically for distribution to a customer. Documents such as receipts and issues are handled here.

Equipment Management and Biomedical Equipment Repair Divisions

Equipment Management

The property usage and disposal program for the command is overseen by this section. Advice is given on equipment purchasing, bookkeeping, and surveying. Identification and accounting for property in the command’s control, including small amounts of medical and non-medical equipment.

Biomedical Equipment Maintenance

Preventive and corrective maintenance programs are administered by this division for medical/dental equipment. Other responsibilities include: overseeing machine operation training, maintaining parts inventories, compiling operator manuals, and approving service contracts.

Central Processing and Distribution

Central Supply

To maintain predefined stock levels in a customer’s working area based on established consumption, this division plans and directs operations to order and receive material for PAR levels, or working stock supplies, or WSS.

To authorized outpatients with a prescription for the material, most central supply areas provide supplies, such as dressings, on a temporary basis.

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