Describe the Organizational Structure of Medical Logistics

Medical Logistical Departments at all Naval Medical and Dental activities with logistics duties are organized according to a standard structure defined by the Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED).
The following are the organization’s primary functional areas:

  • Purchasing and contracting
  • Materiel receipt, storage, and issue
  • Supply inventory management
  • Equipment Management Division
  • Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Division
  • Central processing and distribution
  • Healthcare service contracting

Who’s in charge of the command’s internal supply programs?

The Medical Logistics Department is in charge of overseeing the command’s internal supply programs. Medical Logistics may be tasked with additional duties like food service or linen management under certain commands.

How are medical and dental supplies distributed around the world?

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) distributes medical and dental supplies to Naval MTFs and DTFs around the world via the Federal Supply System, which centralizes inventory management and physical distribution.

How are medical and dental equipment obtained?

Medical and dental equipment can be obtained from government and commercial sources via a variety of access mechanisms available to material managers. The DLA, in collaboration with the Army, Navy, and Air Force, has devised a variety of creative procurement forms to address customer expectations due to rapid changes in medicine and the desire for cutting-edge equipment. Prime Vendor Program and I.M.P.A.C., the government-wide purchase card program, are two noteworthy examples of government-wide purchase card programs currently in place at the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP).

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