What are fleet hospitals?

What are fleet hospitals?

Fleet hospitals are often used for high-intense combat or low-intense, but long +60 day combat operations. These setups are mainly built for operations that last over 60 days.

HMs deploy with Expeditionary Medical Facilities (EMF) with up to 500 beds according to instructions from the Combatant Commander (COCOM). These fleets are able to perform advanced medical, surgical, and resuscitative procedures.

How is the fleet hospital structured and organized?

The way these fleet hospitals are structured is similar to that of a shore-based military treatment facility (MTF). They consist of:

  • Commanding officer
  • Executive officer
  • Command master chief
  • Nursing
  • Medical
  • Surgical
  • Ancillary
  • Administrative

Who delegates and manages the fleet hospital’s mission?

The COCOM delegates and manages the fleet hospital’s mission

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