What are the DEERS eligibility exceptions?

Who can get medical care even though they are not in DEERS?

So these are the beneficiaries. These are people who are not actually in DEERS but still authorized care. These people will not be denied care. And they are not based on DEERS check.

  1. Secretary of the Navy Designees
  2. Foreign military personnel
    • This includes the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) military personnel and their family members stationed in or passing through the US.
    • This also includes the crew and passengers of a visiting military aircraft.
    • And finally the crews of ships of NATO nations that come into port

Are foreign military personnel eligible for care?

Other foreign military personnel may be eligible for care through Public Law or DoD agreements. These persons will be treated in accordance with current service directives.

Which organizations outside of the military are eligible for care?

Patients in other organizations like:

  • Red Cross workers
  • Secret Service agents
  • Federal Aviation Administration personnel
  • and some non-retiree veterans

These are groups of people who also fall into this category of possible beneficiaries due to agreements.

Overall, you must ensure that current eligibility requirements are met for these personnel prior to treatment.

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