What are the Navy 3-M and the PMS manual?

What is 3-M?

The Navy Maintenance and Material Management System (3-M) was created to record, report, and evaluate and organize maintenance requirements. 3-M is the main system for ships and shore equipment.

What does the Maintenance and Material Management System (3-M) provide?

It provides the means to:

  • Plan
  • Acquire
  • Organize
  • Direct
  • Control
  • Evaluate

What is PMS?

OPNAVINST 4790.4 series, Ships’ Maintenance and Material Management (3M) provides the guide. 3-M works to prevent rather than correct the maintenance so that malfunctions and downtime don’t happen quite as often. How do they do this? By using the Planned Maintenance System (PMS).

The Work Center PMS Manual provides the requirements for equipment. It is near the Weekly PMS Schedule. These procedures are the minimum requirements to maintain equipment.

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