What to Do with Medical Waste in the Navy

There is a lot of medical waste generated and accumulated at hospitals and dental offices.
Other departments (supply, safety, etc.) will work closely with the medical and dental departments in order to create and implement a command policy for the proper disposal of plastics and medical waste. Medical waste is stored in specific regions of treatment facilities.

The goals of waste management in the Navy

The storage areas are designed so that they can be easily accessed by workers who need them. Waste management personnel must ensure that all plastic containers used for storing medical waste have been properly labeled as such. They also should make sure that these labels remain visible throughout their use. In addition, it is important that any container or bag containing medical waste has an identification tag attached to its handle.

List of solid-waste treatment technologies

  • Recycling
  • Resource recovery
  • Solid waste collection
  • Sustainable development
  • Waste minimization

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