Understanding the international certificates of vaccination (PHS-731)

All Personnel who are traveling internationally will be immunized in accordance with NAVMEDCOMINST 6230.15, Immunizations and Chemoprophylaxis, and Control of Communicable Diseases of Man, FM 8-33 / NAVMED P-5038.

What is the form used for vaccination records?

Service members are required to complete the PHS-731 form (International Certificates of Vaccination). This form is to be kept by the individual and is a personal record of immunizations.

This is not a form or vaccination card that is filed like a traditional health record. However, any immunizations recorded on the PHS-731 form should be also recorded onto the DD Form 2766.

What vaccinations require proof by authentication?

According to the international rules entries to the PHS-731 will also require authentication for immunizations against:

  • Smallpox
  • Yellow fever
  • Cholera
  • Anthrax

The authentication can be accomplished by a Department of defense immunization stamp with the healthcare provider’s signature.

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